IEC 62305 / EN 62305 * NF C 17-102

( 2011) Performance / product standard


(April 2010) Decisions at CENELEC meetings that led to how ESE systems are specified


– BT noted the information provided by CLC/TC 81 X concerning the relation between the EN 62305 series and NF C 17-102

D136 / 013

– BT asked those national committees that have a national standard endorsing the ESE system…to offer the corresponding national standard to IEC for possible endorsement at international level


– BT asked CLC / TC 81 X to examine the possibility to establish a pure performance standard independent from any technology and enabling the development of existing and future technologies on lightning protection systems

Legal position
European Competition *

The European Commission has issued a resolution to prevent the attempt by industry to create a trade barrier based on standards and their illegal implementation. Accordingly, the standard specification for ESE systems is legally equal according to UK and European Law. At present, the standard used is IEC / EN 62305 and NF C 17-102. It is equal to BSEN 62305.

The Office of Fair Trading **

The UK Office of Fair Trading concluded an investigation into competition within the U.K lightning protection industry with the decision that a lightning protection system should be installed to the British Standard or any national equivalent standard body in any Member State of Europe. Therefore, the ESE standard is equal to the British Standard and is fit for use in the U.K.

* International Lightning Protection Association Symposium ( 24-25th November 2011)
** Correspondence / dialogue between DAP Ltd and OFT