Statistics of E.S.E use *

Environmentally friendly

Our British ISO certified production boasts the lowest consumption of raw materials and offers the lowest co2 emissions for any lightning protection system in the U.K. Our whole process of production is as sustainable as possible and is an ideal fit for any organisation adhering to Environmental Management System ISO 14001. Taking an average building of 40m x 20m with a height of 10m and considering the density of copper as 8920 kg/m3, the amount of copper used in the SafeStrike installation is 22kg compared to 217kg for an installation to BSEN 62305.

Test & Certification
IEC 62305 / EN 62305
NF C 17-102
100 kA 10/350 μs wave


Impulse current waveform used for testing – (I imp)

The impulse current I imp is defined by a peak current I and a charge Q, and tested in accordance with the test parameters set out in the standard (Annex C) It is used to test lightning conductors that are subject to a direct lightning strike. It is also the standard waveform used for testing class I surge protection devices.

What is the 10/350 microsecond waveform?

The 10/350 microsecond waveform describes two parameters of an impulse of energy. The “10” denotes the amount of time, in microseconds, it takes to achieve 90% of its rise to peak amplitude. The “350” refers to the duration, in microseconds, it takes for the trailing edge to diminish down to 50% of that peak.

* International Lightning Protection Association